Don McClellan, R.N., D.E. Diabetic Nurse Educator

 My Practice:
As a new addition to the Wisconsin Health Fund my goal is to continue to work with clients in developing a tailored diabetes management strategy with an emphasis on developing and achieving individual goals. I look forward to educating my clients to the latest advances in diabetes medicine and technology and enabling the client to build on their own knowledge and skills. My focus is to allow the patient to see the big picture living with diabetes and empowering them to take control rather than diabetes controlling their life.
 My Education:
I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in December 1996, Associate of Science Degree in Nursing from Cardinal Stritch University in December 2005 and Registered Nurse, February 2006. As an insulin pump user I am a certified pump trainer for Medtronic Minimed insulin pump.
 My Interests:

I enjoy relating current understandings in diabetes management with my patients. In particular, I am interested in technological advances and keeping up to date on pharmacological interventions that allow my patients the most current treatment options available. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife, friends and family. In our free time we enjoy camping, biking, cross country skiing, ultimate Frisbee and remodeling our home.

 Hospital Affiliations:

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